Handy Tips on Using Short-Term Fridge Rental

More homeowners and businesses are taking advantage of the many benefits of using short term fridge rental services in Australia. You get to save money, plus you get a quick replacement which means none of your stocks has to go to waste.

When to Consider Short Term Fridge Rental

  • You’re hosting a party or event

    These occasions obviously mean you’ll be storing and preparing more food and drinks than you usually consume. Your available refrigerator at home might not be big enough to keep everything fresh and cool. In this case, renting an additional freezer for one day or a few days will take care of the problem.

  • You need a display or storage unit for your products at a trade show

    Rather than hauling your own second hand upright display freezer to the venue or buying a new one, hiring a unit can be much more convenient. To make it even easier, look for a local supplier when you are participating in an out-of-town expo.

  • Your current fridge is broken and you need a quick replacement

    When you have a broken refrigerator, you need to act fast to make sure your stocks don’t go to waste. However, your unit may break down at an inopportune time. For example, shopping for new appliances just won’t fit your current schedule or budget. Freezer hire services can be a life-saver during these moments. Learn more at Cold Display Solutions

  • You’re expecting guests or short-term tenants

    With more people in your home, you will have to store more food. Instead of buying a new fridge which you won’t be using for most of the year, renting one is the better option. This is also the case when you need to provide a refrigerator for tenants who are staying for just a couple of days or weeks.

Choosing the Right Fridge

  • Talk to your short term fridge rental supplier about the types of units they have available. Remember that different kinds of products require varying cooling temperatures, so consider your needs carefully.

  • Determine how big the size of the freezer has to be. Your amount of stock and your available space should be factored in. Remember that bigger refrigerating units use more electricity, but cramping your stocks into a fridge that is much too small can affect its cooling ability. It is essential to get just the right size and model.

  • Find a supplier who provides delivery, installation, and pick up. Check if they also service and test their units to ensure they are in good working condition.

How to Save Energy When Using a Fridge

  • Make sure all leaking seals and gaskets are functioning properly. When warm air seeps into the refrigerator, food can spoil and your unit tends to use more electricity.

  • Keep the coils dust free and ensure your freezers have ample space for enough airflow to keep them running smoothly. When coils are full of dust or don’t have enough airflow, they can’t function properly and your second hand display fridge or rental unit ends up using more power.

  • If your fridge has anti-sweaters, use adaptive controls so they are turned on only when required. For more information, visit us at https://coldsolutions.com.au/product-category/short-term-fridge-and-freezer-hire/

To get more tips on short-term refrigeration rental, get in touch with experts like Cold Display Solutions.