Improve Your Workforce’s Overall Health with the Help of Occupational Physicians

Occupational physicians play a huge role in the employment sector, especially as workplaces become more complex these days. They are key to ensuring that a business and its employees can work as efficiently as possible.

occupational physicians

What are occupational physicians?

They are doctors who specialise in assessing and managing work-related conditions. They focus on ensuring that individuals remain physically and mentally well at work.

Occupational health specialists assess how the work environment affects the employees’ overall health and their ability to work safely.

Usually, they work with multidisciplinary teams including environmental specialists, ergonomists, nurses, occupational health advisers, physiotherapists, psychiatrists, psychologists, and therapists.

Their jobs include but not limited to:

  • Pre employment assessment
  • Work-related illness and injury prevention, assessment, and treatment
  • Managing issues related to general health and safety
  • Dealing with repetitive strain injury
  • Creating strategies for rehabilitation so individuals can return to work
  • Assist in cases involving compensation laws for workers
  • Compliance with health and safety laws

What to expect during your first meeting with occupational health specialists?

Occupational physicians will usually attempt to gather your medical history and other pertinent background information. You will most likely have to ask questions regarding your current and previous health, any current symptoms, your job, and possible hazards that you face. Check it out at Resile

They will also want to know about your medications, allergies, family history, smoking habits, as well as any alcohol or drug use.

Aside from checking your background, they will also give you a physical exam. This usually begins by taking measurements of your weight, height, blood pressure, and pulse, as well as checking your general appearance.

There may also be specific tests to measure your physical fitness, such as a spirometry, audiometry, eye exam, and so on.

Based on your assessment results, the doctors may recommend further tests or treatments.

How does your company benefit from occupational health services?

1. Valuable advice

Need help with figuring out how to prevent work-related injuries? Want to develop a company wellness program? Do you need data on the top hazards your employees face in the work environment?

When it comes to information and action related to your workers’ health, occupational medical professionals can provide you with expertise and skills.

They can also offer critical advice on complying with the health and safety regulations for your industry in a city, state, regional, national, and international level.

2. Specialised services

Occupational health specialists are usually aware of the specifics of a certain business or industry. This allows them to better assess the health condition of workers. This also makes them more equipped to quickly determine if an employee requires only first aid treatment at a workplace injury treatment clinic or needs to be a rushed to a hospital.

Furthermore, their specialisation is not just the assessment and treatment of work-related illness and injury but also the process of returning to work using the most efficient medical program.

3. Healthier business

It is best to work with occupational medical professionals who are familiar with your type of business and industry. This way, they will be able to provide the most effective solutions to health and safety issues specifically affecting your business.

As you address these problems with more success, you will be able to remain compliant with QHSE regulations, keep your workforce healthy and happy, and therefore, improve the overall performance of your business.

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