Knowing about Stablecoins and Choosing One to Invest

Cryptos can become problematic as an investment. Volatility is just one problem you have to deal with, making it very risky for an investor to trust virtual coins. Good thing is, the development has resulted in a new type of cryptocurrency which is the Stablecoin. Knowing that it could pin down volatility for good, you should know what is Stablecoin and how to choose one for investing.

What Exactly is a Stablecoin

In simple words, Stablecoin is a type of cryptocurrency that bases its value on real-world counterparts. It can be real life currencies like the Dollar and Euro, or precious metals like gold and silver. It doesn’t lean on virtual factors alone, like supply-demand relationship and the difficulty of the mining process.

This reliability factor has enabled Stablecoins to efficiently solve the problem of volatility. Simply because it bases its value on real-life counterparts, it does not easily rise and drop dramatically in a snap. This assures investors that they are going for non-risky investments in the crypto world.

If you want a clear breakdown about the relationship of Stablecoins to real-world stuff, you can search for a well written Stablecoins guide to learn more. That could help you start learning about the basics and intricacies of stablecoins conveniently. Check it out at KINESIS

Precious Metal-Backed Vs Currency-Backed Stablecoins

After knowing what is Stablecoin, you have to choose and invest in a particular type. One of the key factors to consider is the real world commodity that backs the Stablecoin.

You can choose to have currency-backed Stablecoins. However, gold or silver backed cryptos prove to be better choices. This is because real-world currencies are sensitive to various economic factors.

For example, the world has witnessed how the Dollar dropped during the Great Depression. That could happen anytime to any currency as well. Invest in a crypto backed by shaking currency and you’ll be running a quite risky investment.

On the other hand, Stablecoins backed by gold and silver like Kinesis could promise an upward trend to you. After all, the value of precious metal continuously rises through time, regardless of how slow it is. As a bonus, most crypto backed by precious metals could allow you to claim your real gold and silver if you want.

The Best Crypto Backed by Precious Metal

After having an idea about the right type of Stablecoin, you have to choose the exact crypto. Upon searching, make sure not to miss stability. Of course, know about the precious metal reserve of a crypto as well. This can help you ascertain the reliability of the Stablecoin before making an investment.

Kinesis, for example, has its own gold and silver reserve that corresponds to the number of its coins. This clearly and easily proves the correlation of the crypto to its real-world counterpart. Moreover, it could allow you to claim your real gold or silver depending on the amount of crypto you have. Good thing is, Kinesis put together an article that you can read as a guide for your venture.

Now that you already know what is Stablecoin and which to choose, you can prepare your investment and have an Equity Token Offer (ETO) for you to take. You can also click on to know about a good Stablecoin to choose.