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The crime rate in Perth and Western Australia has surged in the previous years. And so does the need for a Perth criminal lawyer. If you ever get involved in a sticky situation, you need not throw all hopes outside the window. Remember, you are innocent until proven otherwise. Conclusively, you are afforded by the justice system the opportunity to prove that you are innocent before the courts of law. If this is the case, you need to plan and prepare your defense wisely. Here are a few very important things to remember.

Lawyer-Client Privilege

The lawyer-client privilege establishes confidence between the two collaborating parties. The statement of the client is protected giving the client an open venue to honestly air the circumstances of events related to the crime in question. The lawyer, in turn, is able to look into the circumstances in all angles without missing a beat in preparation for the best defense strategy.

Defense Version

The prosecution will give their own version of events that will establish your guilt of the charges filed against you in court. The defense will also give your version of the said events. Your defense version is not a scheme to lie your way from being incarcerated. Your defense is your perspective of the events that establishes the following:

  1. Your denial of the charges filed by the prosecution, or;
  2. Your admission and confession of guilt of the crime.

In preparing for the case, you might encounter previous convictions, similar cases or existing jurisprudence related to your case. However, Andrew Williams, experienced and reputed criminal lawyer, believes that each case should be treated differently. Every case presents new challenges and considerations which must be explored thoroughly with surgical precision. Your Perth criminal lawyer must be articulate with criminal law including state and federal law in Perth and in Western Australia. He must be knowledgeable of the workings of the Police and the State DPP. He must be adept of the ins-and-outs of the courts at all levels. He must be a true and passionate representative of your interests.

Counter Arguments

While preparing for your defense version, you will need to make counter arguments in response to points raised by the prosecution. These counter arguments are helpful in destroying the accusations against you or in establishing reasonable doubt. While you prepare your defense version, you would need your own witnesses who will give sworn testimonies. By ethical standards, your Perth criminal lawyer will advise these witnesses against perjured testimonies.

Coaching of the Defendant

You have every right to defend yourself and prove your innocence of the crime. However, you must make sure you are coached well of your case and behavior in court. One mistake, guilty or innocent, could weaken or ruin your defense. One misbehavior such as speaking out of turn could hold you in bad light against the judge and jury.

Legal Fees

Defense cases are expensive in the long run. You incur legal fees for your lawyer, documents, transportation, court proceedings, communication and others. The state can provide you with a lawyer if you cannot afford to hire a private one. But, you might feel more confident hiring private lawyers from law firms such as Andrew Williams Criminal Lawyers Office. These lawyers are known for being very competitive with reasonable fees. Visit them now at http://www.andrewwilliamslawyer.com.au/perth-criminal-lawyer/.